KIT Natural Stone Набор от Faber

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 KIT Natural Stone Набор от Faber

PROTECTOR is a stain proof for marbles, granites, agglomerates and similar. It protects vertical surfaces, kitchen tops, vanity tops, tables, etc. from oil, coffee, beverages, markers, paints etc. PROTECTOR is an impregnator and it does not increase the resistance against etching from wine, vinegar, tomato juice, lemon juice, acid cleaners, etc.DIRECTIONS: Apply a thin even coat of PROTECTOR on the clean and dry surface by means of the cloth provided with this kit or with a brush. Only on very absorbing materials, repeat the application three hours after the first coat, at least. Allow to dry, then remove the possible residues with a fine steel wool or with a soft cloth dry or slightly dampened with PROTECTOR.

2. CREAM TOP is a product created for the maintenance of kitchen and bathroom tops, tables, etc. in marble, granite and similar. If

constantly used, CREAM TOP prevents the formation of stains due to calcareous water and maintains an unchanged appearance to
the surface. If this type of stain or slight corrosion already exists, it can be easily removed using our restoration kit.


USE: apply a small  quantity of product evenly on the surface and spread it by means of the cloth provided or with a sponge; wait a few minutes for the
product to dry, then buff with a soft cloth until it will be perfectly dry.


MAINTENANCE: wash the surface with TENACIOUS specific cleaner.

3. TENACIUS is a neutral pH cleaner suitable for the dayly maintenance of  marbles, granites and stones to remove  limescale or dirt. Thanks to its gentle formulation it respects marbles and their characteristics.

APPLICATION: Spray the product undiluted on the surface to be cleaned, spread with a damp cloth and scrub. Rinse with clean water.
Even though this product is pH neutral, we recommend avoiding extended contact with stone surfaces or other polished delicate materials

Work material marble, granite, ceramics, concrete, travertine
Consistency liqido
Manufacturer country Italy
Volume 0.45L