About Us

Here is the Italian production of one of the leading manufacturers of two-component adhesives, polishing powder, molds and impregnation GENERAL® for natural and artificial stone.

Now it is very often used natural and artificial stone in interior and exterior design. When laying and installing the stone using a professional two-component adhesive on polyester and epoxy. They are often used for restoration work, strengthen the stone, stone bonding.

Our product range includes many kinds of high-quality two-component adhesive for marble and granite, which will please you and your stone.

World leader GENERAL® is also a broad range of protection for marble and granite from stains, water, dirt, grease and oil. The hydrophobic protective means are to gain color ( "effect of wet stone") and without effect. They are applied indoors to protect countertops, windowsills, countertops, floors, stairs, bathrooms, and exterior works to protect the facades of buildings, incoming groups, stairs, banisters.

Also you can find a leading Italian manufacturer of polishing powders, polishing wheels, and grinding and polishing equipment Klindex®(Klindeks). The range of available polishing wheels DiscoLux d 430 mm (white, gray, black) for marble, granite, linoleum. Polishing wheels (pads) suitable for professional polishing machines, and for hand grinders, Bulgarians.

Italian manufacturer Klindex®(Klindeks) took care of the regular care of your floors with marble, granite, artificial tiles, paving tiles. Stone soap - detergent for marble, granite, travertine. Stone soap has a neutral ph, which allows you to gently care for your stone.

We have highly qualified and long experience of working with a wide range of adhesives and chemicals for stone. We are pleased to help you choose the best option for your needs. We are ready to assist you in solving your problems with polishing stones, selecting the required glue, choosing gidropellenta for marble and granite.