FABER SOAP 1L Cleaner with water-repellent features for polished stone floors

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Cleaner with water-repellent features for polished stone floors

FABER SOAP is an innovative concentrated cleaner specific to be used to clean polished natural stone floors, like marble or granite. The product combines in one solution the effective cleaning action with the water-repellent protection, increasing at the same time the sheen of the surface: FABER SOAP cleans, protects the surface from water absorption and increases the sheen of natural stone floors. FABER SOAP is the ideal solution for the final cleaning of the natural stone floors that have been mechanically or chemically honed and polishde, but it could be used with good results even for the daily and ordinary maintenance of every kind of polished natural stone floor, thank to its effectiveness against ordinary dirt and its sheen-increasing action. Moreover, FABER SOAP gives to the treated surface good water-repellent features that protect the surface from water absorption If used on regular basis, FABER SOAP makes the ordinary cleaning operation easier, faster and more effective, maintaining over time the beauty and the sheen of the surface, even on the most sentitive materials like marble or travertine. If used according to the suggested dilution ratios, FABER SOAP does not requires rinse.

Work material agglomerate resin-quartz, slate, sandstone, basaltina, lava stone,concrete, granite, porcelain, gres honed
Consistency liqido
The weight 1L