Acid burns, what to do?


Today I want to talk to you about the exploitation of our beautiful natural stone products. Tables, bar counters, bathrooms have become a part of our life and we use them every day. In the course of operation, unforeseen situations occur: they washed it with the wrong chemistry, spilled lemon juice, sparkling wine. On marble, onyx, sedimentary rocks, the formation of acid burns is possible, if acid substances get into it. But do not rush to get upset! Everything can be restored.

These traces are removed mechanically by grinding and polishing the stone. If the "burn" has not penetrated deeply into the body of the stone, then you can get rid of the crystallization of the marble. So if it has already happened that your table or work surface is damaged, we recommend that you contact a specialist who will eliminate traces of misuse.

Happy owners of marble should know a few things to avoid unpleasant consequences.

  • 1. Wash marble with neutral pH 7.0 detergents
  • 2. Avoid contact of marble with drinks that contain acids (lemon, grapefruit, orange, grape, sparkling wine, juices)
  • 3. Avoid using rags, mops on marble that have already been in contact with aggressive detergents.
  • 4. Protect the marble by impregnation from stains, acids

If you have a freshly installed marble surface, table, bathroom, we recommend protecting it with an anti-acid protection impregnation. The AS930 CP Faber provides stain and acid etch protection on all surfaces that require this type of protection. After applying AS930, the stone does not change its tone.

This is the best solution for restaurants, bars, hotels, where the number of visitors is very large and the ability to control the ingress of acidic drinks and products is minimal.

We wish you aesthetic pleasure from your exclusive exquisite marble products.