Diamond polishing Jumper 3шт №60 HyperGrinder

  • 4 631.25грн.

Diameter mm. 100mm
Grain 60
Manufacturer country


Diamond cutter Jumper HyperGrinder used for marble processing machines for polishing Klindeks. Diamond tool provides you with high-quality grinding and polishing of your stone. Thanks to grinding you ubiete excess glue from joints, clean the dirt from the shallow, make perfectly flat floor. In the future, polished floors polished to facilitate its further operation, reduces the absorption of fluids in the marble.
Diamond tools MK0-MK2 can polish marble polishing, stone to align the level of removing the upper layers of stone. Diamond cutters are used in sets. To a well polished marble is necessary to pass all the rooms Jumper diamond, 30, 60, 120, 220, 400, 800, 1800, 3500.
Diamond cutters use:
for processing planes
floor polishing
polishing the ends
polishing sills
floor polishing
polishing countertops
 for removing glue residues
alignment of seams and joints