Polishing Pad white 3M Scotch-Brite d430mm on for terrazzo marble floors and care

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Polishing Pad 3M d430mm white Scotch-Brite Diamond Products for the care of marble floors and terrazzo
Distinctive features:
  • Circle is designed for the simultaneous cleaning and polishing marble floors in the scrubber combines and obychnyhnizkoskorostnyh rotary machines.
  • diamond wheel formula allows us to polish the floor to the radiant shine
  • You do not need extra work, because you use your conventional equipment and conventional cleaning technology
  • does not need additional chemicals, use conventional solution
Caring for large areas (airports, shopping centers)
Purple Circle Scotch-Brite is used in combination with orange and green circle Scotch-Brite. Purple Circle enhances shine of marble floors, and using the orange-green circle of the need to shine podderzhivat.Kogda floors after 7 days will begin to dim, you should reapply purple circle for cleaning the floor, and then orange and green circle to maintain shine in the daily cleaning .
Osnavnaya characteristics:
  • pad thickness - 28mm
  • worktop - dark purple side pad
  • density of 1300g / m2
  • type of fiber - fine fibers of polyester
  • Minerals - synthetic
  • Speed ​​- 400 revolutions / minute
Use Method:
  1. Place the pad on the dark side of the machine down
  2. Use a small amount of neutral detergent or water
  3. The floor should be watered heavily.
  4. For maximum brightness using the machine at a speed of 400 revolutions per minute
Work material marble, granite, terrazzo
Diameter mm. 430mm
Thickness mm. 28mm
Type of works on wet