FOX d100 С320 (pink) Abrasive corundum straight cups

  • 315 грн.

Work material marble, granite
Diameter mm. 100mm
Grain 320
Type of works to dry


Abrasive corundum straight cups d100 C36, C60, C120, C220, C320 are used for grinding stone surfaces. Has a socket with an M14 connector. Quickly and conveniently changes from manual sander by unscrewing method.

Due to the different grain size of the working abrasive - corundum, you can grind the stone, level the plane. Using finer grains of corundum cups, you remove scratches from the stone, polish the ends of marble and granite products.


  • diameter 100mm
  • grain size: 36, 60, 120, 220, 320
  • landing nest - М14
  • abrasive - corundum
  • processed material - marble, granite, travertine, sandstone