Polishing Pad 3M Black d430mm for cleaning, polishing

  • 483 грн.

Work material marble, granite
Diameter mm. 430mm
Grain 7100
Thickness mm. 28mm
Type of works on wet


Polishing Pad 3M black cleaning, polishing
Black Pad for cleaning, polishing is suitable if you want to remove the old chan by grinding the floor, and by grain black pad it removes the upper layers of natural stone. If you clean the soft stone with this decay, the layer removed will be longer if you use a more dense stone, the grinding surface will be.
It is used for different types of stone - marble, travertine, granite, terrazzo.
Pad black used in combination with water or detergents. Have a diameter of 430 - 17 "that is perfectly mounted on the polishing machine Klindeks.
  • 430mm diameter
  • black color