p60 Electroplated diamond hand pad, foam backed hand polishing pads 90x55mm

  • 484.00грн.

Model NO. :  DC-XEHPP01

Quantity: 4 pieces/set

Pad Size:  90x55mm

Working Thickness: 0.5mm

Material:  Electroplated diamond and resin

Choosed Grits:  60, 100, 200, 400, 800,1800, 3500

Application:  For hand Polishing job or recovering scratches on a wide range of material, they are ideal for polishing granite, marble glass and concrete any where for special shape.  


1​. Foam-backed is soft, with light weight. Different color of foam-backed is easy to identify.

2. X shape and unttached base make the hand pad softer and easy to bend, which help to polish the curve part.                   

3. Resin bond fine-grit dot is white and can be applied to polish granite and marble, it never leave dye on the sureface of stone during working and has a good polishing efficiency. 

Work material marble, granite
Grain 60
Type of works on wet